The Difference Between Stress and Depression

Stress is a normal thing, almost everyone must have experienced stress. In fact, stress is good in certain situations. When someone is stressed because of a problem, that person will be triggered to focus on the problem and can improve performance.

However, if you are not careful in managing stress, the person might suffer from depression. Even in some cases, depression can occur without stress.

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Laymen often assume stress and depression are the same things. Though basically, these two things are different. What is the difference between stress and depression?

Stress usually starts from boredom which is peaked due to pressure from outside and inside a person. Everyone has different mechanisms for managing stress.

Stress can encourage someone to be more eager to face life's challenges, but can also be discouraging. When we are stressed, our body will read about an attack or threat. The body will activate the mechanism of self-protection, namely by producing hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine.

Therefore, our body will feel an energy boost and increased concentration so that we can respond effectively to sources of pressure. In addition, the body will disable bodily functions that are not needed, such as digestion.

However, if stress occurs at unwanted times, blood will flow to parts of the body that have a physical response function such as hands and feet, thereby decreasing brain function. That is why sometimes we can not think clearly when under stress.

Stress Symptoms

School children can experience stress, because stress does tend to happen to anyone. The following are symptoms of stress that we report from Hello Sehat:

  • Easily angry and offended
  • Hard to sleep
  • Memory loss
  • Often nervous and nervous
  • Changes in diet
  • Feeling overwhelmed with work
  • Fear of not being able to complete a task properly
  • Depression
  • As with stress, depression is a mental illness that has a direct impact on mood, stamina, concentration, feelings, sleep patterns, and appetite.

People who are depressed, usually will lose motivation and enthusiasm for life, he constantly feels sad and failed. They will have difficulty in carrying out daily activities, such as working, eating, socializing, studying, or driving normally.

These conditions usually last for six months or more. Although women are more susceptible to depression, but actually anyone can get depressed. Especially if there is a history of depression in the next of kin.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression has more complicated signs than symptoms of stress. It will be hard to really realize when depression first strikes because it arises gradually. Here are the symptoms of depression that we report from Hello Sehat:

  • Feeling guilty, failed, and alone
  • Negative thoughts continuously
  • Withdraw from the social and family environment
  • Difficult to make a decision
  • Loss of enthusiasm, motivation, and energy
  • Easily disappointed, angry, and offended
  • Lost interest in things that are usually in demand
  • The thought of suicide
  • In some cases, those affected by depression often think of committing suicide. Not infrequently there are also up to do that.

Therefore, depression cannot be underestimated, if you find symptoms of depression in yourself, it is better to immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. you may also be referred to various therapies such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy.